Ecstatic dance autumm festival 25.-27. Okt 2024


In October we open a *heart* warming festival space full of liveliness, encounters and dance. 


There will be lots of ecstatic dance, a cacao ritual, yoga, workshops on contact improvisation and meditation.


As we are together in this wonderful place for the whole weekend, we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves even more deeply in dance and community. More and more people are now coming from all over Germany and Europe. We are looking forward to many new People❤️ 








Our venue is the beautiful rooms of the Waldorf School Rieselfeld in Freiburg. 


A large, beautiful gym with high ceilings for dancing. A good 150 people can dance here with plenty of space. 


We also rent a large hall for workshops, singing circles, games and get-togethers. 


There is a great room for the children with creative materials and toys. The children can of course be present everywhere, but here they also have their own area. 






The school kitchen is cooked by a great team of chefs with lovingly homemade vegetarian organic food. There are 3 meals a day and delicious hot drinks that can be booked as a complete package.  (Gluten-free and vegan possible)



Overnight stay



There are several classrooms that we can use for sleeping. Here and in the hall (after the dancing) there is the possibility to sleep. There will also be a classroom for women only. 


If you like something more private there are Airbnb apartments nearby or a great hostel in the city. and much more. 



Location : 


Freie Waldorfschule Freiburg-Rieselfeld

Ingeborg-Drewitz-Allee 1

79111 Freiburg



130 without overnight stay 

150 with overnight stay 


Plus 45 Euro if you want to book full board






Up to 6 years free 

6-9 years 60 Euro 

10-18 years 80 Euro 




A registration link is still being created, 


if you would like to register now, please send us an e-mail. 




We look forward to seeing you




Ecstatic Dance Freiburg Team