what is ecstatic dance

Ecstatic Dance is a dance form that is not about choreographies or set steps, but rather about individual expression and freedom of movement. It is a free, improvised dance in which you completely surrender to the music and let your body guide you. There are no rules as to how you should move, you just follow your own inner rhythm and your own feelings.

In contrast to traditional dance forms, there is no fixed partner in Ecstatic Dance. Everyone dances for themselves and has the freedom to express their body in their own way. It is a creative and playful dance form that is about being in the moment and feeling your own body.

Additionally, Ecstatic Dance offers a unique opportunity to connect with yourself and express your emotions through movement. It allows you to get into a state of “flow” by being completely absorbed in the moment and letting the music carry you.


general conditions for ecstatic dance


In order to create a beautiful dance flow for each person individually - and in the group as a whole - there are certain agreements that help you get into dancing well.

One of the most important agreements is that the participants agree not to consume alcohol or drugs before or during the dance. Although “ecstatic” states can arise when dancing, these come from the dance alone, without the ingestion of any substances - the dance itself is sufficient and responsible for the feelings of happiness. Ecstatic Dance is a way to reduce stress and let go of negative emotions. When dancing, the body releases endorphins, known as “happiness hormones,” which trigger a feeling of joy and euphoria.

Another condition is that there is no speaking during the dance. A conversation-free space is created in which other participants are not judged with their individual dances.

Ecstatic Dance can also be compared to a type of “free dance or movement meditation”.