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The Ecstatic Dances take place once a week - either on Fridays or Sundays. You don't need to book in advance for these events. Just turn up and pay on the spot at the box office. You can find more information about the programme and schedule below 

Ecstatic dance 24.05. 2024


Hello you wonderful people, 


we are travelling through different musical moods and sound worlds.

Come as you are, dance what moves you. Whether it's a quiet, intimate dance prayer or a wild expression and letting out what's inside you.  

After a small initial circle and a guided introduction, we start into a conscious, conversation-free dance space. 


We dance 2 waves to different styles of music that slowly increase in intensity, you are invited to move in the way that feels right for you. As non-judgemental as possible towards yourself and others. The focus is on your very individual and authentic expression of what is there.    


Date : 24.05.2024


19:00: Arrival

19:20: Opening circle, meditative introduction 

19:40: The first music wave begins.

22:00 Closing circle


Price= 10-20 Euro




Venue: Waldorf School St. Georgen 

Bergiselstrasse 11

79111 Freiburg 




It is in the gym right next to the parking lot of the school. 


If you come from the other side, you have to stand in front of the main entrance and go down a metal staircase on the left to the gym.  





We are an intergenerational colourful dance project...

People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome!


This is a safe space to play, experiment and, above all, dance dance dance...

Wild and crazy or calm and intimate.


In anticipation of us and the ever new Ecstatic Dance space that we can fill with liveliness. ❤️❤️


Till & Ecstatic Dance Team Freiburg